My name is Sara and the bunny you see is Lily, and we are the creators behind Baking You Happy!


I've been baking + cake decorating for about 8 years and have wanted to open my own bakery for over 6 years. I've always loved animals and am a big advocate for spoiled pets (I have 3) so I decided to expand the art of cake decorating into the pet-parent world as well!

I'm a full-time student at the University of Waterloo studying Environment, Resources, and Sustainability so I'm always looking for new ways to bake more sustainably!

The second picture shown is my favourite picture of Lily, she's in her custom apron (that says cupcakes on it) and her tongue is sticking out! She is half french lop and half chinchilla rabbit, so only one of her ears is droopy the other one always sticks straight up! The obvious inspiration behind our logo!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to baking for you and/or helping spoil your fur baby :)


Are your pet-friendly cakes safe?

Absolutely! At the end of the day, trust is required but here is my process to hopefully put your mind at ease:

1. I do at least a months worth of research on the animal beforehand

2. I then make a table with columns titled "safe", "healthy", "use-sparingly", and "dangerous", and write different foods under each column

3. From there, I come up with safe recipes for the cake batter/dough as well as different mediums that can be used for the icing and decoration

4. Lastly, I consult my Veterinarian and get his opinion on the ingredients and adjust my recipe(s) if needed

5. P.s my researching never ends! I'm constantly staying up to date with the newest findings on pets and food items

I use ZERO sugars, artificial ingredients, or preservatives! All the colours used for my pet-cakes are natural and plant-based!

Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Yes! In the past I have accommodated to (for humans and pets) vegan, egg-less, gluten-free, and nutless.


Although, my kitchen is not a nut-free zone! If the allergy is severe where the baked good can't be in the same room or fridge as peanut butter, I might not be the bakery for you unfortunately.

How much notice do you require?

Depends on the size of your order. I prefer all my orders to be made as early as possible, 3 weeks prior at the very least. Smaller orders (cupcakes, cakesicles) are more flexible and only require 1 week notice. HOWEVER, I cannot guarantee I can complete your order if you message me last minute, I may already be fully booked for that day or week. This is why it's always recommended to place your order as soon as possible so I can guarantee I can accomodate

Last minute orders can rarely be accommodated. If you message me about an order less than 4 days prior and I am able to accomodate, there will still be a late fee.

How do I store my cake? and for how long?

Keep the cake refrigerated! Let it come slightly to room temperature before serving. All cakes will stay fresh for up to 3-5 days if properly stored in the fridge, and up to 2 months in the freezer!

Every pet cake comes with a postcard listing feeding and storing instructions, as well as an ingredient list

How do I transport my cake?

Cakes should be placed on a flat surface in your car. On the floor (foot area on the passengers seat) or in someones lap is recommended. Also, if it is being picked up during warm weather, be sure to have the air conditioning on full blast to prevent any warming or melting of the icing (especially for human treats). Always hold the cake box from the bottom, one hand flat on the bottom at all times. 

Do you do delivery? Where are you located?

I'm located in Scarborough, near the Scarborough bluffs! Delivery is available within Scarborough and occasionally within Toronto as well depending on certain circumstances. There is an extra cost to delivery. Alternatively, I can contact a delivery service on your behalf if you would like. Pick-up is preferred!

Are your pet cakes also human friendly?

Technically yes? But, as I've mentioned before, I don't add any sugars to my pet-cakes for obvious reasons. So yes they're technically edible but I wouldn't recommend it because it won't taste that great to humans haha. Which is why I offer human desserts too! So no one in the household gets left out for dessert time